Recently I took a self-care trip to Malibu Beach, the location where I broke my ankle 3.5 years ago and had my spiritual awakening. Before I made the trip there back in September 2014 when I fell, my psychic said I needed to "ground" myself for 15 minutes a day. I couldn't wait to get to that ocean and do as the psychic instructed. She said that my root chakra was unbalanced to my crown chakra and by rooting myself in the earth this would help with this unbalance.

I was new to the woo-woo stuff, but I am a good listener. For those who read Came to Believe, know what happened that trip to Malibu. "Grounding" and "Rooting" have been my self-care ritual ever since I recovered from that broken ankle. As much as I enjoy living in my crown chakra, (I feel safe there) I know how important it is to balance my Kundalini energy.

I have been suffering from chronic feet pain for about three years. I have had four foot surgeries outside of the ankle surgery with no relief. I had just had my first acupuncture session and thought it might be a good idea to head to the accident site and ground my Pisces feet in the sand and ocean water. Being a Pisces, rooting at the beach is so important for me. I feel safe there, and my feet sing as soon as they feel the sand and the water dance over them.

For those who need a little background on grounding, grounding helps your body connect to the physical world through the root chakra. For me, the actual physical act of grounding into the earth is most beneficial. You can also help connect to the earth by eating root vegetables, kundalini kriyas, (try Hast Kriya) mantras, (Dharti Hai is a good one) grounding crystals such as hematite and black turmaline and visioning your feet as tree roots digging into the soil, to name a few. says, "The root chakra is comprised of whatever grounds you to stability in your life. This includes your basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and safety, as well as your more emotional needs such as letting go of fear. When these needs are met, you feel grounded and safe, and you tend to worry less day to day." When the root chakra is unbalanced, you could have feet issues, back issues, and bladder issues. (I have all three!) You could also feel impatient, angry and stuck.

Needless to say this Malibu beach trip was for vital for my wellbeing. I suffer from pretty much all of the physical complications of an out of balance root chakra. As soon as I walked down those long steps, the very steps I fell and broke my ankle, I felt peace. That peaceful feeling is specific to that beach because even though I had a tragic accident, it is my happy place. It is the place of my spiritual awakening; where I saw angels for the first time. I took my shoes off immediately and walked in the sand to the ocean water. As soon as my feet felt the sand and water, they were home. The pain went away, and I walked a good 1/4 mile down the beach until I found my spot.

I laid my blanket down, got my crystals and angel cards out and continue to ground in the sand. It was incredible how I felt. This beach gets me. The sand and the ocean water get me. My angels get me. I am so grateful for nature, and it's healing effects on my body.

Based off of what I wrote above do you feel like your root chakra is out of balance? You don't have to make a beach trip to balance it as I did. I need to root every day, and I am not that close to the beach to do it! Find out what works best for you. I gave a few suggestions above of what you can try. I hope your feet will sing the way mine do once you find your grounding vibes.

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