Happy Birthday Dr. Wayne Dyer

To say Dr. Wayne W. Dyer influenced me, helped me to see my true potential is a massive understatement. I learned about Wayne the same way I found Gabby Bernstein — The Hay House Online Writers Course.

I first read Power of Intention, and my mind was blown. Then I watched The Shift. Then I read Inspiration; then Excuses Be Gone. I felt such a connection to this man I never met. I remember going to the Hay House You Can Do It Conference in Pasadena and he was the main speaker. I had no clue who he was, so I didn’t go. It was a bummer because then he passed.

But I found other ways to connect and meet him... though my third eye and crown chakra. I called on him often. He always came.

( These are memes that I have made over the years of his quotes for my Instagram @taraladue)

Then I went to Maui. When I landed I, of course, got on Instagram and saw that I landed in Maui, his hometown on the one year anniversary of his death. He was with me everywhere in Maui, like a tour guide. I sat on the beach with my angel cards and said, “Wayne, what do you need for me to know?” The "Alchemy" card blew out of my hands and danced along the sand. I ran after it and read it. “You have the Midas Touch, everything you touch turns to gold.” I cried! I had just finished writing the most vulnerable chapter in my memoir, Came to Believe, on the plane ride to Maui. This confirmed my heart chakra healing book was magic!

Every time I get out that same deck of angel cards I ask, “Wayne are you here?” And out comes the Alchemy card.

Happy Birthday, Wayne. You are one of the greats! A Gift. My golden chain of teachers. I love you.

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