Social Media Rehab~ Restore your Soul & Self Worth

We admitted we were powerless over Social Media and that our lives had become unmanageable. How true is this for you?

I haven’t found one person who can make sense of the algorithms, have you? We have been told so many things to get our posts to be seen first in our follower's newsfeeds, but is any of it really working? We scramble to generate the most likes by trying this or that. We try some hashtags that our friends are using or from some hashtag generator, and then after we post notice that we aren’t getting as many likes that society told us we should get so we change all of our hashtags in a matter of seconds. We desperately play “games” to get people to follow us by following them, only to find them unfollow us a few days later or vice verse. It feels icky. We are powerless over social media, and if we are spending more than a few hours a day on Social playing the game then I would say for me, my life was unmanageable. Would you admit this to yourself? Do you do these things?

I used to be a Social Media Coach. I grew my following with authenticity and integrity spending hours on Social a day generating pretty fucking impressive numbers of followers and likes with well thought out curated memes and content that was true to me. I did the time, I did the work. But, at what cost? The investment to reach that magic number of followers to get the book deal that I never got was draining the light from my eyes and turning me into a slave to social media. I didn’t like it. I saw my friends buying likes and follows, and I couldn’t understand why? Everyone can tell when this is done, and people talk about it behind your back. I am guilty of this. I would say to so and so, ”why do they feel the need to do this?”

Our self worth is not dictated by the amount of likes a post gets. My soul is not filled by the number of followers I get a day. I have lost about 600 followers in the last six months since I ended my Social Media business for many reasons.

1. I unfollowed a bunch of people that weren’t sparking joy for me or I had no clue who they were. They unfollowed me back because maybe I didn’t spark joy for them either. I am okay with that.

2. I stopped scrolling through my newsfeed, the newsfeed that Instagram says I want to see and they are now penalizing me for it.

3. I am not doing all the things that I taught my former clients to do to increase their engagement.

4. I am posting about two times a week, where before when I was in the height of building my numbers I was posting every day, sometimes twice a day.

Often times we get so addicted to the notifications that it’s never enough. So we post one more thing, to fulfill the need in us to feel worthy. I was addicted to this. It was never enough. I started to target influencers or spiritual teachers to like my posts, share my posts and follow me. Did you know what if you can get an influencer to like or share your post you may show up on the Explore Page? This is a big deal if you are a slave to the “likes.” I remember when my spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein followed me. I was sooooo excited. The rush I got was euphoric! I got on the phone called a few friends who had no idea who Gabby Bernstein was, only that I loved her, to share my great accomplishment! They said, “That’s great, Tara,” with a pathetic look in their eyes. My self-worth was dependent on this follow and yes, for me now, that feels pathetic.

I had to admit I had a problem. I was addicted to the sensation I received of being a mild Social Media Influencer. If my post didn’t get over 400-500 likes, I would delete it. I was worried that people were taking note. I was nuts!

With the 3-4 hours a day that I am no longer on social media, I am meditating, going to yoga, hanging out with friends, journaling and working on my self through Alanon and energy work. I am having real conversations with people, conversations that matter. I am getting social with myself.

Social Media notifications are not going to heal me. Followers from people that I may never meet will not make my soul sync with love and light.

Why am I writing this? I decided to go to my own Social Media Rehab. I’m going on a Social Media Detox, a spiritual maintenance, a soul and self-worth renewal. I wanted to know if you will join me? I do not know how long I will do this. But, if you are willing to get back to your self-love and soul love then do it with me! Get the fuck off Social and get social with your soul.

You can email me to check in!

I encourage you to like your self as many times as you like other’s posts. You are likable without social media.

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