Today, I am a Graduate Student

You guys! Big News! I got accepted into the Marriage and Family Therapy Master's Program at Alliant University! I am 43 years old and going back to school. Feels crazy and perfect at the same time.

Sometimes, we just get a call. A call from the divine that whispers to us our life purpose. This call happened to me a month ago with a series of disappointing, life-changing, impactful and powerful events where people usually have two choices. 1. Let it bring you down in a blaze of furry or 2. Rise above like a radiant, resilient beam of light. I am sure you can gather the choice I made. There wasn't even a question in my mind. My light shot up into the milky way presenting itself in a magical way.

I start my program on August 26th this year. It will take about 4 and 1/2 years before I am a licensed therapist. Everything fell into place perfectly --> all in my angels and Higher Power's timing. I didn't have to force a thing. In fact, I was able to practice patience and slowing down during this whole process. Sometimes there are things that we just can not control.

There are so many people who encouraged me once the words came out of my mouth with ease and grace when I declared, "I am meant to be a therapist. I want to help people!"

First, my Mom. As most of you know I became her caretaker when she came to live with me back in February. At the time I wondered why this was happening to me, but within weeks the blessings of this God-given task have revealed themselves --> one being the ability to go back to school. I also want to say that my letters of recommendation were pretty freaking awesome. Thank you to the lovely souls who wrote them. Also my editor of my admission essay. It was one kick-ass essay. Thank you! If you missed it, it's in the previous blog which you can read here. (It is very important for me to document this whole journey with you.) Lastly, my sisterhood and brotherhood, that I call my spiritual family. The support has been beyond beautiful. The kind words vibrated in my soul and urged me to take this big step.

I want to say that you are never too old to pursue your dreams. Don't let the world tell you what you should be. Don't let your family or friends tell you that you aren't good enough. Tune in to your self, your heart and to your angels and get the loving encouragement that is real. Lastly, please go to people that you know love you unconditionally and want to see you rise to the top for the love you need to persevere. You are worth it. You are limitless. You can do it. You are full of possibilities and opportunities.

"Every morning, the sun rises with endless possibilities that give you endless opportunities to begin again and to create a brand-new life."

-Edmond Mbiaka

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