I Believe You

This meme is dedicated to Pamela Dyson @premkamemoir who wrote a memoir called, Premka, White Bird in a Golden Cage for her courage in coming forward again and again and not giving up after she was silenced and shamed by her own community. Because of her courage so many have come forward with abuse stories about Yogi Bhajan. There is so much fuel bringing these abuses to the light. It’s fascinating and at the same time, disappointing to watch.

This news isn’t new to me. I heard about it when I took KYTT. It stunned me then, but I was told that she was lying. So, I let it go, because I loved my Kundalini Teacher Training. It was one of the best times of my life.

Since her book has been out I have been doing extensive research on YB and these allegations. My heart breaks. I feel like I suffered a loss at the same time I feel so sad for all of his victims. I feel like I lost a yoga that has helped me and that I may loose my community. I feel bad for those who are still siding with him claiming that they didn’t see it, so it must not have happened. Do I have to loose my kundalini practice and my community by supporting Premka and the other survivors? I’m still sorting this out.

I decided I can’t teach Kundalini right now. It feels wrong to me. So, I cancelled my classes.

I can still listen to the mantras minus the Adi Mantra. I have been listening to mantras, playing them all night long by my favorite singers @sukha @jaijagdeesh@gurunamsingh

and @SirgunKaurmusic. The mantras have saved me for years, I’m grateful for the music. I can’t and won't ever listen to White Sun because of their connection with Rama Institute, Guru Jagat and Harijiwan.

I took class yesterday. I did not tune in, but said the serenity prayer instead because I can’t control any of these Kundalini OG’s turning a blind eye and going on "business as usual." I enjoyed class, but I cried. It’s so heartbreaking. I don’t know if I can keep going to class if 3HO does nothing about this as they did years ago.

I removed Kundalini Teacher from my profiles and website. As I said, I can’t teach it until they take his name off and give light to these survivors.

That’s my peace.

To all the sexual abuse survivors everywhere, I love you for your resilience. I stand by you. I believe you. Let us survivors keep persevering.

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