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Social Media Coaching and Consulting for

Spiritual Entrepreneurs 

Social Media Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

My passion for social media began October 2015 when I began to build my presence on Instagram.  I had just come back from an enlightening experience at Angel Intuitive Certification where she said in the class, "If you want a book deal with Hay House then you need to build your social media accounts and platform."  I went to work as soon as I returned growing my following with authenticity and light.  What I love the most about social media is connecting with my tribe where we support each other along the way.  

I decided to close my Social Media Coaching business as of 9/19/2018 to pursue other avenues.  To read all about why head here.  My Social Media Guide will still be available for sale. See below.


If anyone really wants a quick Instagram Coaching session I will offer Insta Snap! Sessions on a very limited basis. See below. 

***Insta Snap! 45 mins, one on one Instagram Coaching with

Tara for just $75. See below.***  

"I’m one session in to Tara’s social media coaching class and I’ve already received value beyond the cost of the program in just the first class. Tara is knowledgeable and relatable. She is patient with questions and explains the intricacies of navigating social media for business with ease. I am grateful for this experience and excited to see what Tara can share with us next!" - @denisebertolotti



​Insta Snap! - Instagram Only Coaching $75

45 Mins one on one through Zoom with Tara! I will go through your Instagram account and offer all my tips and tricks to grow your following with integrity, how to create the perfect bio and how to use Instagram Stories. You will also get my Social Media Guide, a $28 value and access to my exclusive Social Media Facebook Group. 

Send me an email to purchase



Social Media Guide: $28 

 --> $4 off with code "miracles" 

All my tips and tricks to grow your platform with authentic and integrity.  This Guide covers Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Purchase here. 

Angel Card Reader

Customer Testimonials: 

Tara LaDue is quite simply, a marketing "angel."  She appeared at exactly the right time when I really needed her the most.  I knew very little about social media when she first started coaching me on how to launch an Instagram account for my business – The Awareness Center Yoga Studio.  Tara was patient, clear and consistent with her training and instructions.  She is very inspiring and fun to work with.  I felt like we were playing an exciting secret game together.  She started out slowly giving me little tasks and assignments, then would cheer me on when I achieved each small goal.  That was exactly what I needed at the time – small, achievable baby steps.  It was motivating and made me fall even more in love with social media.  She shares the same vision that I do about reaching people around the world through transmitting a message of peace, joy, hope and love through social media.  It is so true what she teaches, you can find your spiritual tribe by playing full out on social media and sharing straight from the heart.

Tara LaDue’s work as a marketing coach is heavenly beyond compare.  She’ll be an angel right by your side every step of the way.

-Wahe Guru Kaur, Owner of Awareness Center Yoga 


I had a GREAT hour with Tara! She gave me quite a few helpful tips that I am already implementing and just doing those alone has raised my numbers on Twitter and Instagram! She gives app suggestions that have rocked my world, plus taught me the art of Twitter, to which I am grateful because I did not get that platform at all! And I fully appreciate all of her advice on how to keep it all consistent across all platforms. It's the little things she teaches that we all need to keep in mind while having a presence on social media. What I love about her coaching is that she comes from a spiritual background and all of that spiritual love shines through the session. I would TOTALLY recommend her services (I actually have on my own page) for anyone at any level because she makes social media easy and fun!

-Julie Rosenthal, Health and Lifestyle Blogger


"Tara was super helpful in letting me know the things that were working in what I started and a better way to do things that would bring me more exposure. I would highly recommend Tara to anyone who asks as she has done a ton of research that you don't have to do, she also sent 10 pages of everything we discussed so you can focus on what she is saying rather than only half listening because you are frantically trying to write everything down. For those folks who think well we don't live in the same state, Tara and I did our coaching over face time and it was just as effective. I look forward to working with Tara again and would highly recommend her to help you on your journey in Social Media."

-Denise Russell, Spiritual Coach


"Tara rocked my Social Media world! Helped me to understand the in's and outs of what was and wasn't working for me and my message. Her sense of style and her knowing what clicks with me and the masses grew my Social Media platform in 4 weeks!! So worth it. Thank you Tara, can't wait to work with you again!" 

-Cathy Anello, Author


"I LOVE Tara. I have worked with her once 1:1 and I have her social media guide, both hugely helpful. One of my fave qualities about Tara is that she is so easy to talk to, and you feel like you already know one another because she kind of does her HW on your social media before speaking with you, she takes an interest in her clients as people. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and what a lovely warm woman she is to boot. Hire her, buy her social media guide book, and I think you will be very pleased.".

-Shana Sweeney Reyes, Health Coach



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