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About me...

“Can you remember who you were before the world told you

who you should be?”

-Charles Bukowski


Hi, I am Tara!

Pronouns: she/her


My heart is full when I'm working with children of all ages, getting down to their level and allowing them a safe space to “be,” express themselves, and feel accepted. As an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, I have worked with young children, school-age children, teens, and women.  


This  powerful quote by Charles Bukowski, “Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?” is in the back of my mind when I work with children. Today’s kids have so much pressure to “be” a certain way. This causes kids to hide parts of themselves, not use their voice, and stuff feelings that are very important to express. I like to create a space for kids to be vulnerable, and authentic and feel secure enough to stay that way through their adult life. 


I have worked with children and teens who experience neurodivergence, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, and emotion regulation. I use play therapy, art therapy, somatic practices like breathing, mindfulness practice, and yoga with children. I also enjoy working with parents to help them understand their child’s brain and how to work together peacefully when conflicts arise. I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher and trained in Young & Healthy's art-based mindfulness program for school-aged children.  


I am trained in EMDR and love using this modality with children and women who have experienced trauma. EMDR helps deprogram old coping skills that were needed after a traumatic event but are no longer serving the person in the present. EMDR helped me personally in many ways which is why I was moved to get trained in this trauma processing modality.  With adults I also use Narrative Therapy, CBT, Art Therapy and Meditation. 


I am an anti-racist. I am LGBTQIA+ affirming. I am an ally and advocate for diverse groups and communities. I may not get things right all the time, but I am willing to learn, do better, and improve social justice and inclusivity.


My favorite self-care go-to's:

  • Walking any beach and looking for shells

  • BOBA!!! 

  • Doing photo shoots with my 17-year-old Shih-Tzu

  • Journaling while listening to mantra music 

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Tara LaDue Therapy, a therpist in Pasadena, CA and Best Selling Author of Came to Believe.
Therapy Training:
Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from California School of Professional Psychology
Alliant International University 

Trained in: EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing 

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy TFCBT
PCIT, Parent Child Interaction Therapy 

Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training: 
  Yoga Alliance at Awareness Center Yoga 

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