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Angel Card Readings

by Tara LaDue, Certified Angel Card Reader  

Thank you for your interest in an Angel Card Reading. All Readings are done via email.
I am a Certified Angel Card Reader™ and Angel Intuitive®

Three Card Email Reading: $30

Depending on your question, a 3 card reading can be:

*Past, Present, and Future

*Present, Obstacle, Outcome 

I will send pictures of each card with a detailed description of the angel message.  

12 Month Email Reading: $90
I will pull a card for each month in a 12 month period to give you guidance for the year. With readings over email, I will send a picture of each card with the messages of each card. 
Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader
Celtic Cross Email Reading: $60 (one question)

The Celtic Cross will answer very specific questions in great detail.  It is a 10 card spread.  It covers many aspects of the situation in great depth.  With readings over email, I will send pictures of each card with the messages of each card. 

* I am no longer offering phone or in person readings



Payments accepted via PayPal in US Dollars or via Venmo at @taraladue.  Once paid, contact me at

* I am required to state that all readings are for entertainment value only. They are not meant for medical, legal or financial advice.

Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Love Notes
Tara is a natural empath and intuitive. Her reading was on point and so loving, kind, and gentle. Her connection with the spiritual world of the angels is clear and she provided me with a clear message for my reading. I recommend Tara highly for her Angel card readings. With her down-to-earth and compassionate personality, she will tell you like it is, but in a kind and loving way.
- Marina, Los Angeles

I found my angel card reading with Tara to be very spiritual, uplifting, and a such a positive experience. I chose the past, present, future option, and she was spot on!  She is very in tune with the angels and provided me with the clarity and guidance I needed.  I will definitely be going back for another reading in the near future!

- Erika, North Hollywood

I had a wonderful angel card reading with Tara. The cards pulled were very relevant to my situation and extremely insightful and helpful. It was spot on and exactly the validation I needed to continue forward on my spiritual growth path. It is evident that I have angelic support and they are speaking to me and guiding me. The reading was a very powerful, yet loving experience. I highly recommend Tara's readings as a spiritual resource.

- J.M., Pasadena 

Kyle Gray Angel Card
Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader
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